Member Advisory Sessions

Testing Leadership

Each member contributed to how their leadership theories and practices were tested during the COVID-19 Lockdown.

Mentoring Start-ups

Two start-ups presented their strategy and planning.  Members divided into groups and assisted them with specialist advice on  areas of development.

Managerial Evolution

We tracked the evolution of management theories and practices and members brought with them some of their own managers in order that they could relate to some of the management methods currently in practice within each of their companies.

The session provided the opportunity for the managers to seek advice from the business leaders providing them with wider viewpoints from outside their own companies and the opportunity for the managers to gain the practical experience of seasoned business leaders.

Problem Solving

Members tabled key issues that were affecting their businesses at that moment, and sought peer advice.


Members who are contributing to the strategy books being written by Heather Robertson expanded on their interviews and shared their stories of growth, success and failures.

Getting Personal

Our companies are only as good as the development we put into ourselves.   We discussed what we each individually need and how we plan our own personal development

New Strategies for post COVID-19 Lockdown

As a group we discussed, over video what we believed would need to be changed or rebuilt in our businesses after we emerged from Lockdown.

Case Studies

We split into two groups and analysed two case studies relating to known international companies:

Business failure

Impact on Culture and Values

‘Just one thing ….’

Regular sessions where each member shares one or two specific learnings they have gained during the year that will benefit the other members.

Special Event: Philanthropic

Members undertook a programme that donated to the disaster of the Tsunami stricken Philippines

Good to (nearly) Great

Can’t always get it right – there are restrictions.  We discussed what we struggle with – and what part of our business we have to create  ‘work arounds’ ... and how.

When in Rome …

Members shared their knowledge and experience in world markets such as China, Russia, USA, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Europe – and Australia


Dr Mark Eltom and Dr György Pirok combined a little science, a little analysis and a little wine – to show how easily we can be influenced by our perceptions

Help and Hindrance

Members shared the key things that have helped them in the development of their companies – and the things that have hindered them. 

Member Assistance

Two members tabled issues facing their business, and the members assisted them to scope the problems and provide some possible solutions.

One of the problems faced was clearly identified by members and a workable solution created. 

The other member received a number of options to consider and fit against their business.

Members were also updated on the new product introduction of one of the member companies, this has been a project the members have assisted with over the last year.

The Experts

All members shared one key strategy that had increased their profitability or productivity

Key Business Impacts

Members discussed key impacts relating to:


Economic, Political and the likely Trends for growth and development.

It included emerging markets by sector and nation and overall global impacts likely to affect businesses