Science & Technology

The Science, Technology and Psychology

Dr György Pirok and Dr Habib Baluwala spoke on environmental science and drone technology respectively. 

Heather Robertson presented a psychological perspective on the development of motivation and the stimulation of purpose.

The Innovation Question

What is Innovation?  Something new – or something reapplied?

How do you define it?

How do you test, monitor and measure it?

...or indeed do you?

What are the conditions that create innovation?

Innovation in the Health Sector

What can we expect to see support of our health service and sector? Four companies shared their view s and experience.

Innovation in the Health Sector

Part 3: Biomatters


Ever thought of having your DNA tested?  Brett Ammundsen outlined how, and whether, such testing can provide value in determining genetic indicators that may assist in predicting health issues for the future.


Four health professionals provided a factual and inspirational evening looking at key health issues that affect leaders in the corporate world.

Social Media

How does this increase your business – how do you control/manage the impact on your business.

Three members shard  their use of internal and external social media skills – and an expert consultant shows the method and madness of social media tools.

Your health

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger?

Live longer, sleep better, be more effective

Drs Andrew Vale and Anna Clarkson discussed the impact of stress, lack of sleep and poor respiration on our health.  Ways by which it can be managed – signs to assist you identify stress in yourself and others.

Technology: Uses and Abuses

A member-led programme where participants shared technology assistance by way of help and warnings that can assist each other.

Technology Innovations

Bruce Sullivan from Affinity talked about his recent visit to Estonia to research Robotics

David Tombs of Attenti had just returned from their Head office in Israel and talked about technology innovations for the enforcement agencies.

Innovation in the Health Sector

Part 1: Sysmex NZ Limited

How our lifecyle of ‘birth to earth’ tests are managed within the laboratory system.

What really happens when our doctor arranges medical testing.  The technology, testing cycle capability management, resulting and the technology advances that will be vital to this sector for the future. 

Tools or Toys

What are you using – how did you chose it – how does it best serve your business

Communications and technology guru Madelize Bekker outlined key tools and examines those currently being used by members.

Connectivity tools for customers and Staff

Analytical and measurement tools

The importance and relevance of big data

Andrew Hunt, CEO Kinetics – shared the risks and recoveries and relevance of tools and devices

Design a Brain

Yes, you can design and rewire your brain!

We discussed the science behind this and how it can be applied to the development of both people and leaders in the organisation.

Customer and Technology Driven

How brand owners need to confront a tidal wave of information about their own products, which is not sourced from them but crowd-sourced and often wrong. 


Dr Stevens will share GS1’s initiatives which are being led by MIT in Boston and involve mobile computing, scanning and ‘extended’ packaging’.

AI’s and GDPR

Johnathan Miller, Callaghan Innovation presented his  White Paper Innovation through Artificial Intelligence

Dr Habib Baluwala, took members through the correlation between AI and EDPR.

Jugdis Parbhu from BDO  spoke about the opportunities and responsibilities that affect us in relation to the new legislation regarding EDPR

The session was rounded off by an impromptu combined presentation of Jonathan and Habib where they answered member questions and intermingled their experience and views in a way that provided sound advice for members

The Innovation of NZ – Start-ups and Technology companies that are tracking to success

Peter Vile – Augen Software

Mark Norton – Idiom Software

Mark Templeton – AeroQual

The speakers addressed start-up to maturity from entirely different viewpoints and provided a range of thoughtful business and leadership insights.

One provided their business model as a case study for members to consider and critique.

Innovation in the Health Sector

Part 2: NeuroPhysics Therapy

One of the most advanced and validated forms of training and rehabilitation in the world.  The role in the areas of injury and illness recovery, fitness and overall wellbeing. 


Why Neuroplasticity and the redirection of brain pathways, has a faster and longer term impact than the  more traditional physical practices.

Technology Tracking – Products and People

Dr Peter Stevens CEO, GS1

Sargent Dene Duthie, National Police Search and Rescue

The technologies designed to track the product composition and movement through to consumer and buying needs.  The technologies for tracking people within towns, wilderness or lost at sea.

What they use – how they use it – what it delivers and what is the future…

IT Panel of Experts

Six sectors of the IT sector contributed key issues affecting companies – and the options available

Agile for Leadership

Dr György Pirok turned the ‘Agile Manifesto’ into a guide for leadership.

Other members shared their own personal experiences and leadership advice.