Sales & Marketing

During COVID-19 Lockdown

Focus on how to engage/re-engage with existing clients, and how to reach potential new clients during the Lockdown and in preparation for Lockdown Lift.

How to build a business model when you have nothing to sell

How do charities approach Cos and increasing demands for ROI with significant revenue requirements but no ‘product’ to offer in exchange?

Heart Foundation, ADRA and Ronald McDonald House shared their business modelling and growth  strategies

Science of Selling

Two Sales Titans from two different companies went head-to-head over the key fundamentals of selling

Growth in a Tightening Economy

A workshop that profiled NZ companies who have suffered – how they beat it and came out stronger


Sales Management –balancing the customer growth and consolidation and relationship building

Sales Management

Four sales managers shared their methods, knowledge and experience in managing, motivating and monitoring salespeople:

Paul Prouse – Fuji Xerox

Elaine Ford – Link Business Brokers

Bevan Trotman – ADT Armourguard

Andrew Hunt – Kinetics IT Group

Customer and Technology Driven

How brand owners need to confront a tidal wave of information about their own products, which is not sourced from them but crowd-sourced and often wrong.

Dr Stevens, CEO of GS1 shared their latest initiatives

Competitive Advantage

Understanding your market tiers – and how to link to your truly competitive advantage


What’s like to be in sales?

Motivation, 110%, Drivers … and all the mythological beliefs associated with ‘managing’ salespeople. 

Direct from the front line – a panel of salespeople told us what did and did not work in terms of managing them, their needs, and results.

Social Media

How does this increase your business – how do you control/manage the impact on your business.

Three members shared their use of internal and external social media skills – and an expert consultant shows the method and madness of social media tools.

Marketing Initiatives that don’t cost

Four companies who have created marketing edge, shared simple and cost-effective ways of creating market exposure